Improve Your Marketing Strategy with these 7 Digital Advertising Ideas

Improve Your Marketing Strategy with these 7 Digital Advertising Ideas

Digital advertising is an important part of any marketing strategy. If done right, it can be used to increase your online presence and eventually lead to more conversions. A strong digital presence is key to visibility and growing your customer base. It’s important to conduct some research into which platforms will work best for your company and its product. You’ll also want to focus on strong, creative, and branded visuals that will attract new interest and also become familiar to returning consumers. Improve your marketing strategy with these seven digital advertising ideas provided by marketing consultant Mike.


It Starts With Research

There’s more to a successful marketing strategy than just your great ideas. You need to do some research so you can back up your plan with actual data. Often, you’ll be surprised at what you find. Your customers may feel much differently than you thought they did, for example. It’s much better to prepared and learn this kind of information early on than have it turn up as a nasty surprise at a more damaging stage. Find out which customer profiles spend the most. Which customers will be most likely to come back?


Get to Know Your Audience

blankIf you want to effectively market to a group of people, you need to get to know them. Your target audience should be something that defines your brand and can be something you come back to when you need to make adjustments to strategy. Find out where your audience spends their time online. What kind of social media do they like? Sites such as Facebook allow you to target your audience based on up to 10 interests. The more knowledge you have, the better you can interest your target market.


Find a New Place to Advertise

One sure sign of an outdated marketing strategy is a company that refuses to (or doesn’t think to) change where they advertise. Don’t throw your money at banner or magazine advertising just because it used to work. People see these conventional ad spots so often that they unconsciously ignore them; they don’t work. Get creative with your advertising dollars.


Use Creative Visuals

People respond to visuals. Identify some unique visuals you can use to make your brand stand out and put them out there. Maybe you’ve got a nice-looking logo, a cool mascot, or even just a very recognizable and branded color scheme. Remember you’re trying to get attention, but you’re also trying to keep that attention, so they’ll remember you later on. People see hundreds of ads in a day, so you need to find a way to make them remember yours. Try and keep things consistent aesthetically so your campaign will be familiar, but not boring.


Spend Your Resources Wisely

When you’re allocating your ad dollars, remember that not every platform is as effective as the next. Do your research and determine which ones are actually worth your money. Some platforms may work great for one business, but that doesn’t mean it will be as effective for yours. Search advertising, for example, can be very useful for an established brand or product/service, but not very useful for a startup company.


Try Micro-targeting

There’s no sense in marketing to everybody. A huge target doesn’t mean huge profits, it likely means you’ll appeal to nobody. The more specific you can target the better. Don’t target women, micro-target young middle-class women in urban areas. Think about what your product does and then think about who will benefit from it. Once you’ve got a target you can create much more effective ads specifically appealing to them.


Throw a Popup Event

Holding a fun event can be a great way to introduce yourself to the community and show them your value. Your best bet is to do something fun that people will want to do, rather than just throwing a trade show. Ask yourself, what would you want to do at a popup event? You could give people a fun inside look at what you do and even let them try something out.



Digital advertising should be a part of every business’ marketing strategy. Life happens online and that is where your audience spends a lot of their time and looks for new solutions to their problems. Improve your marketing strategy with these seven digital advertising ideas.


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