What Are Push Notifications? What We Learned from Sending 40 Billion Messages

In today’s mobile-first environment there is an app for nearly everything and everyone. When a user downloads a mobile app they tend to gloss over the standard sign up process and, much like on the web, ignore reading the privacy policies and terms of service. One of these inconspicuous pop-ups is the privacy request from mobile apps to send notifications. Either accepting or denying these push notifications has a big impact on customer engagement and subsequent retention. Push notifications are the alerts and other messages sent by the application’s admin team that......

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The perils of the internet – cybercrimes uncovered

Since its creation in the 1970’s, the internet has evolved into something truly monumental. From small beginnings of ARPANET and NSDNET in the 90’s through the TCP/IP configuration we have today, the internet has grown exponentially – more than anyone could have envisioned. As the internet has developed, however, so has fraudulent and criminal activity. For every 1,000 people who use the internet properly, there is that one person who uses it to conduct criminal activities which are known as cybercrime – crimes that are conducted online or through the internet. Cybercrimes......

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Referrer Spam

Most online marketers and website owners use Google Analytics to track visitors,  time on the site, pages visits and how users they interact with the website (form submissions, video plays, newsletter subscription, e-commerce tracking). In 2015 many webmasters started noticing suspicious referral traffic on their dashboards that was coming from a bunch of domains offering unethical services or redirecting users to affiliate websites. Spammers and black hat SEOs used this method to add their domain to your analytics and reports to make you wonder and possibly check the referer domain for answers “Why there......

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