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7 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Software Companies

As the internet evolves, digital marketing is becoming increasingly complex. More than 80% of people use the internet to find products and services before making an actual purchase. Whether you have a string of successful programs under your belt, or you’re steering the ship on a promising new software company, choosing the right online marketing strategy for your company is going to be crucial over the coming years. A recent Fronetics survey in 2017 found that 62% of B2B buyers relied on the internet as a core resource when searching for new......

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6 Steps to a Complete Marketing Strategy for SaaS Companies

You may think that SaaS marketing is all dry and business-like, a mirror image of old-school corporate B2B marketing. But stiff suits, trade shows, boring websites, and horrendous industry trade magazines have no place in the young and thriving SaaS sector. In fact, SaaS marketing strategy looks a lot like what you’d see for a B2C company: engaging, customer-focused, and data-driven. Here are six steps to creating a modern, effective marketing strategy for your SaaS business.   1. First, Know Your Metrics Unless you enjoy throwing money down a dark hole without......

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