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How Content Marketing and SEO Helped BuildFire Become a 7-Figure ARR SaaS Company

Growth Everywhere is one of my favorite podcasts where Eric interviews successful entrepreneurs, founders, CEO, marketing leaders and venture capitalists. There is a lot of valuable information and insights on how those companies achieved customer and revenue growth and what marketing strategies and tactics they used to get there. I often hear that founders emphasize the importance of content marketing and SEO and how those channels played the main role in company success and growth.  In one of the interviews, Eric Siu chatted with Ian Blair who is the CEO of BuildFire. BuildFire is the mobile app......

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How SEO Helped Time Doctor Become a 7 Figure SaaS Company and Generate 20,000 Trials Per Month

Is ranking on the first page of Google and SEO all that important for SaaS and technology companies? Wouldn’t it be easier if I just pay for ads? What’s the value, is it worth the investment and will it help increase the revenue? Those are the questions I’ve been always asked by marketing leaders, company executives, founders and investors all the time. Like it or not, the search engines and especially Google are now very important in so many aspects of our lives and when we are looking for products and services......

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How Incapsula Doubles Their Business Year Over Year With SEO, Content Marketing and CRO

I’ve recently listed another great interview with Tim Matthews, who was a VP of marketing at Incapsula (now Imperva). Incapsula/Imperva is a cloud service that accelerates and secures websites of any kind and had $1.5 billion market capitalization at the time of the interview. Incapsula accelerates all the good content and block all the attack traffic and keep websites safe, so they can do what they’re meant to do. Tim emphasized the importance of SEO and content marketing in their customer acquisition strategy and shared some numbers they were able to achieve: Market Capitalization: $1.5 billion Protects: 5,000,000+ websites Number #1 customer acquisition channel: Content Marketing......

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