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Web Design Trends of 2018 That Will Help Your Business Soar

Every year, there are new ideas continuously emerging and being implemented across various industries. Which is why smart business owners ask themselves the question, “What are the current trends in my business sector, and how can I take advantage of them?” If you are not asking this same question about your own business, now is the perfect time to start doing so. The rise and expansion of the internet has been the catalyst behind a plethora of innovations in many different industries. Nowadays, there are new ways of doing things intended to......

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Mobile Devices: The Two Words You Can Never Forget In Your Online Strategy

Mobile devices; it’s probably two of the most used words. Smartphones have become almost an extensions of ourselves. Everything we do is already through mobile and forgetting this in your online marketing strategy can take you make you fail with your online presence. But why are they so important? The answer is simple. Almost half of the traffic your page receives comes from mobile devices. I say almost half because it depends on your sector and your target audience. Many sites have more 50% of the traffic that coming from mobile phones.......

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How to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

Today’s online shoppers rely more and more on their smartphones for everyday tasks. From searching for a topic to consuming video content, users are always in reach of their device. It’s not just an increase in screen time – it’s estimated that mobile devices will contribute to 27% of all U.S. e-commerce sales by the end of 2018. This means that if your company doesn’t have mobile in your marketing strategy, you are already behind. Because consumers are taking their activities on the go, they expect their online experience to be tailored......

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