Mobile Devices: The Two Words You Can Never Forget In Your Online Strategy

Mobile Devices: The Two Words You Can Never Forget In Your Online Strategy

Mobile devices; it’s probably two of the most used words. Smartphones have become almost an extensions of ourselves. Everything we do is already through mobile and forgetting this in your online marketing strategy can take you make you fail with your online presence. But why are they so important?

The answer is simple. Almost half of the traffic your page receives comes from mobile devices. I say almost half because it depends on your sector and your target audience. Many sites have more 50% of the traffic that coming from mobile phones.


The Importance Of Mobile Devices For SEO

Do you want your company to appear on the first Google search results? Surely yes. If your page is not adapted to mobile devices, then you forget it. The search engines have become very serious with the user experience and, considering that mobile phones are one of the main means of connection to the Internet at present, it is very important that you adapt.

Google is evolving its algorithms more and more to guarantee users the best mobile browsing it can. You have to optimize your website for SEO and consistently publish top quality posts and adapt it for mobile devices. You must consider mobile devices during SEO.


The Importance Of Mobile Devices For Social Networks

Do you know what the average man use most on his mobile device? He connects to Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the five most used apps in the world. Do you realize that all of them are social networks? This means that most of the traffic that comes to us from the internet is from mobile devices. If you do not have the web adapted, you will lose most of the traffic. It does not seem like a great business strategy.

The Internet itself is warning us of this. For example, have you seen the design change that LinkedIn launched? Now, its desktop version is much like the mobile version. That is, the big websites are adapting to these devices that have already come to do the opposite: adapt the design of the mobile to the computer and not the reverse that is what has been done so far. You can meet with top app development companies to help you with a mobile application that will be well adapted to your website.


The Importance Of Mobile Devices For Online Advertising

There are many types of online advertisement; on search engines, social networks, YouTube, in apps and many more. We have just seen that most of the network traffic comes from mobile. Again, more than half of the traffic you receive from your advertising will come from mobile devices.


And How Do I Adapt My Website To Mobile Devices?

We do not stop saying that your page has to be adapted to mobile devices. Yes, okay, but what does that mean? It’s pretty simple to check for yourself. Enter your page from your smartphone and browse through it. Can you move easily? Are the buttons big enough for you to give them with your finger? Do you see the text it well? In essence, do you think a user can comfortably navigate your site from your mobile?

As you see, there are many points that you have to take into account. Here I leave a few brushstrokes of the requirements that your page should have so that it can be considered adapted:


  • The design must be designed for mobile phones.


It is not right to take the design you already have and redistribute it so that it can be seen on mobile devices. Navigation on these devices has nothing to do with that of a computer. The buttons have to be bigger; it is recommended that there is less text, the easier, the better.


  • The loading speed of the page has to be as fast as possible.


Some studies say that if the page takes more than 2 seconds to load, the user gets tired and leaves. For mobile, we are more impatient than on a computer, and we tolerate slower pages less. So much so that Google has taken a new technology so that the pages take less time to load for smartphones (Google AMP) that you can implement on your site.


  • Take into account all screen resolutions.


Not all phones have the same size. It is not good for your page to see it well from your Samsung Galaxy 7 inches if then the buttons are dwarfs for a smaller mobile. And do not forget the tablets!

That said, Mobile optimization test from Google analyzes the optimization of your page to mobile devices and tells you in what aspects you can/should improve.


The IOT (Internet Of Things)

If you thought that this mobile phone had evolved very fast, hold on, because this year it seems that the Internet of Things (IoT) is coming strong. Of course, it’s not something new. It is a concept that takes fantasizing for years, and that has already become true with the Smartwatches. However, this is nothing more than a small preview of all that remains to come, and this year 2018 we are not talking about anything else.

What does this mean for your company? That you no longer have to adapt your site to only mobile devices. Now you have to be able to adapt to a watch, a bracelet or even a fridge (if you’re an ecommerce). Online marketing is a sector that has to evolve as fast as the technology that surrounds it and, if it does not succeed, it simply disappears. That’s why we always recommend that you entrust your digital marketing strategy to a specialized agency that is up to date with all the changes that are happening. For your business to prosper in this year 2018, you need to adapt your website for mobile devices because the majority of traffic is now from mobile devices. You can meet with top app development companies to help you with a mobile application that will be well adapted to your website.


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