Top 5 Content Marketing Tools in 2024

Top 5 Content Marketing Tools in 2024

Content marketing is certainly one of the most effective marketing channels available today, but on the other hand, it’s also a very competitive field with virtually every business today is publishing their content.

So, it’s important to get as many advantages as you can to stay ahead of the competition, and fortunately nowadays there are many marketing tools designed for content marketing that can help you in various areas.

Here, we will discuss five of the best content marketing tools available. Each has their own specific feature set, and will cater to a different purpose.

Let us begin.

1. Best All-In-One Research Tool: SEMRush


SEMRush is best known as one of the most popular SEO tools, especially for its excellent keyword research features.

However, SEMRush is actually a very powerful tool for content marketing with a wide range of possible applications, for instance:


Keyword Magic Tool: search for keywords that are relevant for your business and often searched by your audience. Since SEO is an integral aspect of content marketing, this is a very important feature to have.
Topic Research: Simply enter your keywords and SEMRush will provide various suggestions to find a topic to work with.
SEO Optimization: suggestions for various SEO optimizations. Again, SEO is a very important aspect of content marketing.

Content Audit: evaluating various aspects of your content, especially regarding user experience.
Analytics: monitor your brand performance, social media engagement, and many other important metrics
Backlinks Profile: check your competitors’ backlinks profile, which can be useful in getting our own inbound links

SEMRush is especially useful for keyword research purposes, both to find keywords for your own content and to check your competitors’ target keywords. A great, all-around tool to assist you content marketing.


Pricing: Pro ($99.95/month), Guru ($199.95/month), Business ($399.95/month). No free plan, but free trial available.

2. Best Content Curation Tool: BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is one of the most important tools for content marketing with two core features:

Content curation: find out what kind of content is trending in your niche, across various social media networks. BuzzSumo will also display various useful metrics like engagement metrics, backlinks profile, etc.
Influencer analytics: giving insights about key influencers for a certain niche. This can be very useful for content promotion purposes, as well as to get backlinks from key influencers that might be related to our content

As a tool, BuzzSumo is relatively simple with just a few features—but it is really good at what it does.


Content curation is often the most difficult and lengthy process in formulating a content marketing strategy, and with BuzzSumo we can tackle this issue with just a few simple clicks.

Simply enter your keyword, and BuzzSumo will show the most shared content for the keyword across different social media networks. BuzzSumo will also show useful metrics for the content.

Nowadays, building relationships with other influencers to promote your content is very important, and BuzzSumo is also one of the best tools to gain insights about key influencers.


Pricing: Pro ($79/month), Plus ($139/month), Large ($239/month), custom plan available.

3. Best Content Organizer Tool: CoSchedule


CoSchedule is actually a full-fledged marketing organizer suite with many different features from asset management organizer to social media management tool, each ‘feature’ is priced differently or you can also get the full marketing suite package starting from $150/month.

However, here we will especially focus on CoSchedule’s content organizer feature. In a nutshell, Coschedule content organizer is an editorial calendar where we can plan our content schedule, and view all the different schedules in one place. This can be very useful if we plan to publish many different content in various different platforms (different social media networks, your blog, etc.).


CoSchedule offers seamless integration with other important content marketing platforms from WordPress to Google Docs to Evernote, among others.

We can also use CoSchedule as a collaboration tool if you have several content marketers in your team. You can post comments on your schedule, and ask questions to easily communicate within your team without sending any emails.


Pricing: Growth ($60/month) for 3 users, Professional ($250/month) 5 users, custom Enterprise plan tailored for your needs available

4. Best Conversion Optimization Tool: Convert Pro


No matter how good your content is, it won’t bring any value unless it can convert visitors into prospects, and ultimately, paying customers. This, will turn your content marketing into an effective lead generation device.

Convert Pro is a WordPress plugin known as one of the most effective lead generation plugins available, with some powerful features such as:

  • Easily create call-to-actions (CTAs) for your content
  • Build an email list
  • Implement a lead magnet offer in your content
  • A/B testing
  • Seamless integration with various CRMs and email marketing tools
  • Integration with Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your content
  • Drive traffic to your website and promote videos
  • User segmentation features to easily group different audience for better targeting
  • So, if your website is WordPress based and you want an effective lead generation from your content marketing, Convert Pro is a must-have plugin considering its pretty reasonable price.


It’s also a lightweight plugin that won’t slow down your website, and as a paid plugin, you get a dedicated customer service and tutorials to help you get the most of ConverPro.

Pricing: $99 annually or $399 one-time payment, Agency bundle for $249/year or $699 one-time

5. Best Content Optimization Tool: CrazyEgg


We can be fairly subjective in assessing the quality and performance of our own content—especially if we are the content creator.

This is where a website performance analytics like CrazyEgg can fill the gap.

CrazyEgg offers the standard heat map analytics feature to check where your visitors are clicking on your website, as well as other useful analytics features like confetti report, scroll maps, and overlay maps, among other. Tracking all these metrics will provide you with a very powerful insight in evaluating your content’s performance.

You can monitor different ‘heat’ by browser/device, referral pages, and country, to evaluate in content’s performance in detail for specific situations (i.e. your content might not perform well in mobile devices).


So, you can reposition high-performing content to more popular areas of your website, and you can also re-optimize underperforming content.

CrazyEgg, with all the powerful features, is very easy to use where everything is displayed visually, and you can view all the useful metrics with just a single click on a specific area of your website.


Pricing: Basic ($24/month) for 30,000 page views and 100 recordings/month, 1 website; Standard ($49/month) for 75,000 page views and 500 recordings/month, 3 websites; Plus for 150,000 page views and 1,000 recordings/month, unlimited websites


6. Best All-in-One AI Content Workspace: Narrato


When you’re scaling up content production, the biggest concern is usually the content quality. If it’s the same for you, Narrato AI is the solution. It is a powerful content creation and marketing software that is capable of consistently generating high-quality content at scale.

It comes with tons of other features for managing your entire marketing operations. Here is a quick look at these –

  • AI Content Genie for automated content creation. This AI feature on the platform auto-generates social media and blog content based on relevant themes.
  • AI Content Assistant: 100+ AI and SEO tools for creating any kind of content, from blog posts, social media posts, copy, and even AI images and memes. It also offers advanced AI tools for content ideation, keyword research, SEO and content optimization. For any specific needs, there’s an option to create custom AI templates.
  • Content planner and scheduler: Global content calendar and automated content publishing support for numerous platforms or CMS. You can also use Narrato’s API and custom integrations to publish content on other platforms/CMS.
  • Content planning tools: Custom style guides and content templates.
  • Collaboration features: In-line comments, messages, and @mentions.
  • Project management: Searchable repository of content, custom content workflows, workflow automation, and task assignment.
  • Content team and freelancer management: Onboard your content team and choose the right access level. Manage in-house content team and also freelance writers.

Pricing: Plans include Pro at $36 per month and Business at $76 (both include 4 user seats). Custom pricing plan is available if you want more or less of anything.


End Words

Content marketing is not only about the content creation process. Other aspects of content marketing from content promotion to the research/curation process to content scheduling, are often overlooked but yet, equally important.

The five tools we have discussed above, each covered different aspects of content marketing. In our opinion, they are the best available today according to their respective functionality.

While content marketing is now very competitive, these tools can help you up your game to deliver better value for your audience.


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