Top 3 Tested Content Marketing Tips to Grow Small Business

Top 3 Tested Content Marketing Tips to Grow Small Business

Twenty years ago, a small firm wasn’t able to compete with big companies and multinational corporations. But today, rules of doing business are totally different because of the internet. Organization of any size has a chance to attract the attention of a huge audience with the help of a well-designed website, social media and email marketing.

If you want to grow your small business, you also have a great chance to succeed. Invest your time and energy in content marketing strategy implementation and you will be amazed by the results. Check the following tips, which will help you to make everything right.


Provide a value

The first step you should take is to create a valuable offer for your target audience.

Let’s consider an example of Baileactivo, a dance school in Madrid. Danny Zambrano, choreographer and business owner, analyzed the target audience and found out that people wanted to learn how to dance like Shakira and other celebrities. He created a valuable content – YouTube video lessons, in which he explained how to make beautiful movements step by step.

As a result, his videos got millions of views and Baileactivo became very popular not only in Spain but all over the world. In other words, Danny Zambrano generously shared his skills with the target audience for free and, as a consequence, was rewarded with the fast growth of his business.



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“You should conduct a deep marketing research in order to understand the preferences of your potential customers. When you know what people need, you can provide them with valuable content,” states Amanda Sparks, digital marketing specialist at Essaysupply.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of quality content for a small business. You can follow Danny Zambrano’s example and create something valuable to your audience by yourself. Or, if you feel that have a lack of time or skills in this field, you could hire a qualified freelancer with the vast knowledge in digital marketing. You can find a candidate at marketplaces like PeoplePerHour and Fiverr or on review platforms like


Ensure 100% content uniqueness

Every piece of content should be one of a kind: every text, photo, and video you post must be your own. You should become a content creator, not a content thief.

When you provide your target audience with unique content on a regular basis, you build trust in a relationship. This is a way, in which you can increase brand awareness and brand loyalty, as well as establish authority.

If you want your textual content works in twice more effectively, you should also add visual elements. Relevant pictures, videos, memes, infographics, collages, and vector illustrations help to catch customers’ attention and brightly present a core message. If you need high-resolution images, you can visit Shutterstock or any other photo stock.


Create a buzz on social media

Social media is a great marketing channel, which can help to build a hype around your product in a short period of time. There is no doubt that your target audience uses social networks every day, so your mission is simple – to grab its attention. You should complete the following actions:

  • Define preferred social media platforms. If you own a flower shop, you can choose Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase photos of beautiful bouquets. If you distribute spare parts for tractors, you should better focus on LinkedIn and Facebook, where you can join groups and discussions related to your niche.
  • Utilize all extra tools. Social media platforms introduce new interesting features every few months, so don’t hesitate to try them all and to see how they will benefit your small business. You can create a poll in Instagram Stories to know your followers’ opinion about your new product or start a live video on Facebook and answer frequently asked questions.
  • Come up with a shtick. Your competitors publish thousands of posts every day, so you should make sure that your followers will be able to distinguish your content from others. For example, Annie Ioannides, an owner of a small bakery, writes a famous quote under every cake photo, which she posts on Instagram. It helps her to stand out from the crowd.


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  • Create your own hashtags. It will help your followers to find your new posts online and navigate through your social media profile. It’s another great feature, which can help you to promote your brand. Let’s say you own ABC vegan store, then you can publish different types of content using relevant hashtags: #abc_VeganProduct, #abc_VeganRecipe, #abc_VeganHack and #abc_VeganStory.
  • Collaborate with the digital micro-influencers. James Daily, head of the content department at Flash Essay gives this advice: “If you want your business to develop fast, find the influencers in your niche. They will help you to reach out to your target audience and show your product in all its glory; this is the best investment you can make.” Take a look at an example of how two small manufacturers of kids garment promote their brands with the help of Instagram micro-influencers –modish mother and daughter from London. For more tips and trics check Fundera guide on influencer marketing.



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In conclusion

There are so many small companies, which were able to scale their businesses with the help of digital marketing, so what are you waiting for? Try your best to create fascinating valuable content, which will go viral and create a buzz around your brand.

You don’t really need to have a huge marketing budget; you should better have brilliant content ideas. Apply these tips in practice, and you will watch your small business grow fast.




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