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Top 5 Best Website Builders in 2024 Tested and Compared

How can we create a website? In the past, the answer is to hire a professional web designer to design the website, and a professional web developer to code the site. Not only it’s typically an expensive process, but also complicated and time-consuming.  Fortunately, today we live in an easier time with the availability of various website builders using the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) philosophy. Today, we can create a beautiful website with just the cliks of your mouse. In the past decade, the website builder industry has......

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How To Host a Website: Your Ultimate Guide In 2024

What Is Actually “Hosting” a Website? In a nutshell, hosting a website simply means uploading and storing the files related to your website on a server. A server, on the other hand, is a dedicated computer (or can be just a program within a computer, or another device) that is tasked with storing and managing resources. The server is a centralized resource—in this case— for the website. This process allows other people—from all around the globe— to “pull’ the necessary resources from this server and view your website. The server’s main task......

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