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The Step-By-Step Guide to SEO for Startups

Building a startup company is both fun and challenging activity. There are definitely a lot of things to focus on when building a startup, from developing your products to planning a killer marketing strategy to kickstart your sales. Yet, more often than not, startups don’t recognize SEO as an important part of their early marketing strategy. There are many reasons for this: SEO is a long-term game, SEO is difficult to apply or simply not believe that SEO is a valid strategy in 2024. SEO can be a really effective way to......

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Inbound Marketing Strategy for Startups: 2024 Guide

Starting a new startup is certainly a challenging task, and arguably the biggest challenge at the beginning is how we can get our brand known by our target audience – building awareness. This is why implementing inbound marketing as early as possible is very important. Instead of pushing our message to the customer like in traditional marketing (or outbound marketing), inbound marketing focuses on attracting our target audience to come to us. The idea is, since your audience is already attracted to what you are offering, the conversion rate would be higher.......

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