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SEO Factors Affecting The Ranking Of Your Website

Today the internet is the number one source of information. All around the world, people rely on the global network to get information of all kinds. This is done majorly through search engines. Search engines such as Google and Baidu are two of the most visited websites on the internet. Google holds the most significant share of the search engine market. It is followed by Baidu which is the first licensed search engine based in China. Baidu is responsible for about 12.85% of all desktop searches and 4.57% of mobile searches. Bing......

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Local SEO Ranking Factors to Help Your Business Rank on Google

We all know how local SEO is a whole different game, compared to general SEO strategies. However, the basic principles behind the two remain similar. Unsurprisingly, the biggest question behind the two strategies is also similar: what are the factors, or signals that will determine the SEO ranking? So, this guide will attempt to answer that question, specific to local SEO strategy. As with general SEO, there are hundreds of¬†factors that will affect your local SEO ranking. However, the principle remains the same: it’s not about doing every single thing right, but......

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