How to Be Successful in Marketing for Enterprise Companies

How to Be Successful in Marketing for Enterprise Companies

Very often, small companies cannot compete with big companies when it comes to people power and resources. A big company can get financial backing and can ramp up hiring pretty quickly to get behind a bigger effort that’s going to end up helping them build their business. This is especially true when it comes to marketing.

But even if resources and people differ, big companies may also not understand how to refocus their efforts when it comes to marketing. That means that the two sizes of businesses can use insights from each other in order to put what’s called enterprise marketing to work.

One way to do that for any company is to rely on what’s called the Ansoff matrix. It’s also called the product-market matrix and helps companies evaluate opportunities to increase sales. How are they penetrating the market? How are they developing their products currently? How can they change their market development in the future? And how can they diversify?

This isn’t as simple as it sounds and take some good, hard thinking on the part of executives and marketers. New markets, for example, aren’t as simple as finding a new batch of customers the next town over. It may be as broad thinking as figuring out a whole new product to create a whole new market.

An enterprise marketing expert can help big companies in one of their main challenges: How do they get back to that personal touch that was so ever present when they were small? That matters to people, especially in the age of big tech that feels like you’re just one in a number of millions of email blasts. And remarkably, this is where artificial intelligence can help. What does that whole process look like? This graphic explains it.

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