Why Does SEO Need So Much Content & Why Does SEO Take So Long

Why Does SEO Need So Much Content & Why Does SEO Take So Long

Technically speaking, content advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) are two different phenomena; yet, they go hand in hand.

At their very best, SEO and content form a bond that project websites to the top of the search engine rankings. However, this is only when the content and SEO are at their best, says Kevin Touchard, SEO Consultant at A Plus Digital. He says poor SEO and content can cause Google fines/penalties that are somewhat impossible to recover from.


‘Content’ Explained?

Well, there is no exact definition of content, says Kevin. But he gathered some great definitions from top B2B marketers across the globe and forged a definitive meaning to the word ‘content.’

According to Kevin, a content is a top-quality, useful information telling a story featured in a contextually significant manner with an objective of pleading engagement or emotion. Content, delivered asynchronously or live, can be expressed via a number of formats including presentations, audio, video, images, and texts. It teaches, enlightens, entertains, or informs the people who consume it.

Although his definition is on point, it is essential to understand that not every content found on the internet is useful and of top-quality.

It will take no time in finding bad content that provides no usefulness or relevancy to the reader, the internet is full of them.


Why Does SEO Need So Much Content?

The answer is simple – the more content you have, the better. However, there is a catch – quality above quantity; says Meredith Walker, an expert freelance SEO Consultant. The more the merrier but only if you are creating something that your audience finds insightful and valuable. Google takes both quality and quantity into account, so it is crucial that you ensure everything you post is of high-quality and try to slowly build on it instead of churning it out quickly, Meredith adds.


Short Form vs. Long Form Content

Your audience is the most important factor to consider when debating on the content length. It all sums up to the value they are taking way by exploring your content.

Some topics often require very few details to get across everything needed, while some require more in order to pass on the information of value. However, offering loose information on a subject that requires more can leave your audience feeling cheated. On the other hand, too many information on a subject can distract them from other important aspects.

Hence, the general rule of thumb states only uses the number of words necessary for conveying useful information. This will result in posts varying in lengths but will ensure that your audience is receiving all the necessary information.


Why Does SEO Take So Long?

During the earlier years when SEO was just introduced, the strategy was to determine those keywords that weren’t very competitive, got the most traffic, and was more relevant to the business. There were only 5-7 keywords considered as the ‘golden keywords’ that would help the marketers bring the majority of traffic to their sites.

However, in the present scenario, this keyword strategy is considered wrong. The reason? There is no one keyword nor there is any group of small keywords that will help you drive traffic to your website. In conclusion, if you are concentrating on a small group of keywords or a single one, you are probably not be found by the most users who are searching for you.


Hence, it takes time for the SEO to start working. B2B Search engine optimization is currently driven by natural language search. While some are using tools like Google Now and Siri to speak their searches, some are including more detail into their typed searches. How long your website has been running, how much SEO has been done previously, its link profile, the amount of content on it, the shape of the website, and other SEO factors determine the time for your SEO to start working.


Final Words

SEO results tend to grow impressively every month if proper attention is paid to the necessary factors. In short, it will take around 7-8 months after implementation to see the proper growth.


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