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Branding Trends Businesses Need To Follow For 2018-19

Businesses often the young ones, often mistaken their logos as the only branding requirement. But branding is a lot more than what it seems to be on the forefront. An attention-grabbing website and a sleek logo won’t be enough to get recognition your business deserves. Don’t get me wrong such elements are important but they are not going to build your emotional bond or a meaningful relationship with the customers. Numerous market studies have shown that customers choose brands that denote trust, quality and performance. Branding expert Melanie Spring in an interview......

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How Different Types Of Marketing Work Together

Online or offline marketing? Return on investment. Customer demographic. Budget… the list could go on but when it comes to successfully marketing your business, there are many aspects that need careful consideration. In the digital world in which we live, it is easy to assume that the only marketing channel worth investing in, is the online world. After all, all you need to do is throw out a few tweets with a discount code or launch a fun competition across your social media channels and you have everyone hooked. But it takes......

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Digital Marketing Strategies and Ideas for Startups in 2018

2017 may have been the year that startup companies finally began to embrace digitization but so far, real changes—the kind that results in growth— have yet to take effect. The problem is simple: the kind of transformation most companies have so far been able to bring about is only the first step. It’s merely paving the way for growth. The exciting news is now that lots of software and startup companies have made initial efforts to modernize their infrastructures, they’re poised for real growth. If that’s you — if you’ve recently adopted cloud-based CMS......

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Email Marketing Tips and How Not to Spam Your Audience

Email marketing tips on how to avoid your campaigns turning out to be spam to your audience is what this short post is about. Get ready for few email marketing tips and tricks for help you deliver better and ROI-driven email marketing campaigns. Email marketing has been pronounced dead for a long time now, but it is still driving website traffic, user engagement and direct sales. Maybe email got born again and the results we get from it are miracles of its salvation. Is Email Marketing Dead? I do not believe email......

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