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How SEO Helped Time Doctor Become a 7 Figure SaaS Company and Generate 20,000 Trials Per Month

Is ranking on the first page of Google and SEO all that important for SaaS and technology companies? Wouldn’t it be easier if I just pay for ads? What’s the value, is it worth the investment and will it help increase the revenue? Those are the questions I’ve been always asked by marketing leaders, company executives, founders and investors all the time. Like it or not, the search engines and especially Google are now very important in so many aspects of our lives and when we are looking for products and services......

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How to Do SEO Audit to Boost Your Google Rankings and Traffic

While we can over-analyze SEO and make it as complex as possible, in its purest essence there are only two core aspects of SEO: Optimizing your content for SEO to provide more value to the human audience. Optimizing the technical SEO of your site so Google and the other search engines can properly index it. Thus, in performing an SEO audit, we actually only need to focus on these two areas. It’s a very common mistake to perform a too technical SEO audit, that can take weeks to complete—and even by then, due to......

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