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How to Teach Digital Marketing to University Students

Ask any student how they feel about marketing textbooks and you’ll get the same answer: they are darn boring! All those theories with nothing but a few practical examples scattered around… that’s not fun to read! The students get a case study or two, but everything is written in an outdated, boring format that’s based on the traditional way to transfer theoretical knowledge.  Of course; theories are important. That’s the foundation of marketing education, and all practices are built upon that foundation. But when you have so many options to make digital......

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Mike Khorev - SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Strategist

In today’s competitive online business environment, hiring the right SEO expert is critical. In fact, the success of your overall marketing strategy depends on it. Research shows that organic searches account for over 70% of all traffic to websites that sell business services. Paid searches account for only 10%. What does this mean? It means that unless you’re well-versed in SEO, you need to hire someone else to build up your online presence. PPC alone won’t cut it.  But what’s the best way to ensure that the people you hire to improve your......

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