The Perils of the Internet – Cybercrimes Uncovered

The perils of the internet – cybercrimes uncovered

Since its creation in the 1970’s, the internet has evolved into something truly monumental. From small beginnings of ARPANET and NSDNET in the 90’s through the TCP/IP configuration we have today, the internet has grown exponentially – more than anyone could have envisioned.

As the internet has developed, however, so has fraudulent and criminal activity. For every 1,000 people who use the internet properly, there is that one person who uses it to conduct criminal activities which are known as cybercrime – crimes that are conducted online or through the internet.

Cybercrimes come in many different forms. Some of them are perpetrated to simply cause chaos or disrupt a company’s services. Hackers may simply want to prove a point or show that they can bypass a company’s security systems. Such cyber attacks include DDoS attacks where a business’s servers are flooded with requests causing them to crash. It’s not just huge businesses that can fall victim to a DDoS, though – without a good anti-malware solution like BitDefender even your very own small business can become an easy target.

Alternatively, most cybercrimes are perpetrated with the sole purpose of either stealing confidential business information or soliciting large sums of cash from vulnerable bank accounts. Individuals or cybercriminal gangs will attempt to break the security of a business to steal information such as customer data or even account details. They can then use this information or sell it to third-party black market organizations. Moreover, criminals may hack into bank accounts or secure locations to siphon funds.

As you can see, the threats are real and it is important that you understand the potential perils of the internet. This is why it is important for businesses to put in place a security system and ensure that they are protected against cybercriminal threats.

The perils of the internet – cybercrimes uncovered

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