The Importance of Social Media in Ecommerce

The Importance of Social Media in Ecommerce

As I was searching for the newest trends in social media, I stumbled upon a very insightful block of information that I thought I had to share. This is about how social media platforms have been a powerful tool for many eCommerce websites. But that’s not simply because they have large audiences and the ability to direct them towards new products or attractive deals. On social media, you can also engage with the audience to create a sense of community, as the sports giant Nike shows through its ingenious social media campaigns. Its social marketing team redefines what is possible and what not in terms of customer interaction and following.

It is much more about listening and talking with customers than offering discounts.

Another way that having a social media presence can benefit you, is because you automatically have the ability to sell directly, on a different platform. So you can recreate your store on Facebook and people can shop directly through there, or you can talk about one of your products on Twitter, and people can buy it from the tweet itself. But these social networks also have the necessary tools in place that let your customers share your products and their recent purchases with their followers and their friends with a simple click of a button.

It may be difficult to measure the concrete returns based on the indirect aspects of using social media. This includes the returns that you get from replying to question your customers have, or engaging in conversation with your audience. But all of these components will help you build brand loyalty and increase the sense of community.

According to research, about 47.7% of social media users made their most recent purchase directly through Facebook and their eBay Daily Deals. And this number is higher on Facebook than any of the other big platforms. A distant second on the ranking was Instagram, followed by Pinterest and the rest of the big platforms.

There are countless of ways for you to improve and increase your business thanks to social commerce. If you want to learn more ways, take a look at the infographic below.

Link to the infographic:


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