Here’s How You Can Boost Your Lead Generation

Here’s How You Can Boost Your Lead Generation

Lead generation is a core part of most effective digital marketing campaigns. Before you can even nurture interested buyers for your product or service, you need to have a system that allows new prospects to enter your funnel. Lead generation strategies and software provides the necessary tools and processes for acquiring new business.

Going beyond the needed resources and tools, how you build and maintain a lead generation campaign is what enables you to secure potential customers who will help you grow your business.

Surprisingly, you don’t have to spend a lot just to acquire high quality leads. All you need are these effective tips that can help boost your lead generation.


1. Create industry-specific content

When it comes to attracting leads to your business, building brand awareness is crucial. In order to create a brand identity that resonates with the needs of your market, you will need to craft content that speaks to your audience directly. Indeed, content marketing comprises the bulk of a business’ audience outreach budget. But, for sure, spending too much on content creation does a lot less than writing articles the tackle a compelling issue or creating engaging graphics. These, of course, will involve a lot of insights.

Of course, industry specific content is simply not enough to produce conversions. You also need to focus on creating content that is highly readable and straightforward for your target audience to understand. After all, you can’t build links in blogs or any other type of content if the content itself reads like an undergraduate thesis. You need to keep your audience engaged so they can have a compelling reason to click on the links you have built.

The more time and effort you invest in creating quality content, the more conversions you can generate. Hiring an expert content writer or blogger is important, especially if you want content creation to be taken seriously while you focus on equally important activities within your business. However, you should be able to sit down with your in-house writer to discuss the type of information your organization wants to promote and the specific keywords to use for the links you are helping to build.


2. Do competitor research

The business landscape can feel like a battlefield. One way you can survive intense competition is to have a good understanding of what your competitors do. Intelligence-gathering is essential in terms of crafting a lead generation campaign that’s bound to support your business’ growth. So, it pays to spend time and resources on knowing the strategies that your competitors implement. Reviewing their websites, social media pages, and landing pages can help you develop a wealth of knowledge that can enhance your lead generation strategies. Make time for comparing what you’re doing with what other businesses’ are doing and see if you can execute it better.

For this to work, you should be able to determine who your primary and secondary competitors are. Once you categorize them properly, try to monitor the posts they publish on a daily or monthly basis. Is there a trend with the way they publish their content? Do they follow a strict schedule for their social media and blog content postings? Also, what style and tone they use for crafting content? Knowing about these finer details should give you enough information on how you can go about creating an effective lead generation strategy.

When analyzing your competitors’ campaigns, it is important that you focus more on how they engage their customers. When people have positive experiences with a certain organization, long term relationships are built. This is one goal you might want to focus on, so make sure to determine those factors that made your competitors successful in their audience engagement.

But what does this have to do with link-building? Competitor research also allows you to track those backlinks that have helped your competitors rank higher or get consistent clicks. For this, it helps to run a competitor analysis based on the links you are using.

There are various apps that can help you with this. Rank trackers  are helpful when it comes to uncovering opportunities that you might have missed. Being able to focus on those links that have high CTRs and support the value of your content marketing efforts would give your business a much-needed boost.


3. Focus on building website authority

Your website has to be the most important element in your lead generation campaign. Aside from raising awareness within your market, your website can also capture and nurture leads. You just have to improve its searchability by enhancing its search engine authority. One way you can do this is through link building for local search and creating content that’s rich in industry-specific keywords. If you need help with these strategies, opt for a firm that has the capacity for implementing them.

Improving your site’s authority is integral to your lead generation efforts. Considering that it contributes to your business’ online searchability, enhancing your website helps you unlock opportunities you couldn’t possibly find on your own.

There are several ways you can increase your website’s online authority, but the most crucial strategy to consider is coming up with a keyword strategy that is focused on positioning your business front and center within your niche. Using tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and BuzzSumo, you can generate a long list of keywords to use for improving your website’s search engine ranking.

With these tools, try to review the keywords your competitors rank for and pay close attention to the number of clicks they generate. You might want to focus on those high-value keywords your competitors haven’t ranked for yet and leverage while you still can. Another important strategy is to come up with a list of long-tail keywords. These are ultra-specific and could result in high-value conversions if you use them well in your content marketing campaign.

Another important strategy to consider when building site authority is to make functional improvements to your website. This could mean reducing the time it takes for individual pages to load and ensuring that your website is bootstrapped for generating quality leads. For this, you might want to consider a content audit in which you analyze your site’s design and see if you can make improvements that enhances its lead generating function.

That said, make sure to install plugins such as Yoast to ensure that your website is search engine-friendly all throughout. You might also include fill forms for capturing leads and for building a lead nurturing process using newsletters. Finally, come up with a simple and straightforward design for your website that reduces loading time, enhances customer experiences, and makes it easier for anyone to navigate from one page to another.


4. Never let go of traditional methods

Despite the growing popularity of digital marketing, traditional inbound and outbound strategies such as telemarketing still remains an essential strategy for reaching out to interested leads. That’s because consumers are more responsive towards people who are actively reaching out to them, listening to their needs, and making sure they can provide all the answers for certain issues they need to resolve. With a robust telemarketing strategy, you can improve the way you generate high-quality leads.

That said, it’s important that you create call scripts that won’t make your callers sound robotic. Instead, make use of call scripts that take your audience’s most important needs into account. Testing out different call scripts could be one way of determining how best to engage your prospects over the phone.

Aside from telemarketing, you might also want to make use of tried and tested techniques for reaching out to your target audience. One thing’s for sure, using the old-fashioned way when it comes to lead generation is still just as effective as any recent tool for handling such a campaign.

Participating in industry-related events, for the most part, has to be the most effective means of reaching out to people who might want to buy a product or service from you. Taking part in conferences, workshops, and trade shows allows you to build networks with other business leaders and engage potential clients who might want to learn more about the services you’re promoting. It’s only a matter of distributing the right materials that can help encourage your prospects to initiate an engagement. You can use flyers, brochures, and other printed media to give your leads enough supporting information to convert.

While television ads have been pushed to the sidelines as video marketing has taken on digital dimensions, you can still get a fair amount of leads from producing videos that provide value to your audience. Make sure to create videos that are professionally made and include calls-to-action in case interested prospects decide to contact you.

The world of business is changing rapidly, and the only way you can stay relevant within your niche is to adopt those tools and work with digital marketing consultants that prove to be very useful in terms of generating leads. Rapid growth, for sure, is certainly possible.


I'm a growth marketing consultant who helps B2B, SaaS, IT, technology and software companies generate more leads, sales and grow revenue online. I offer expert advice on marketing your company the right way through performance-based SEO, digital marketing, social media, search engine marketing and many other online practices. Connect with me on LinkedIn and schedule a free marketing strategy session!


  1. Hello there Mike, thanks for this, a fairly simple post, but I found it useful and informative.

    If I may ask, do you have any tips in using social media for lead generation purposes? Would you still recommend using social media (especially organic and influencer) marketing as a lead generation channel in 2020?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks again for this helpful post,

    Shana B.

    • Hi there Shana,

      Thanks for your visit, and thanks for your kind words, appreciate it.

      To answer your question, basically the principles I’ve shared in the post above can be applied in organic social media marketing efforts, and even paid social media campaigns and influencer marketing.

      To be more specific, however, I’d recommend sharing links to gated content in your social media post. Gated content is, simply put, a valuable downloadable content (usually in a form of in-depth ebook or white paper) that you offer for free in exchange for their email address.

      So, you can promote gated content in your social media by sharing a link to an opt-in form (on a landing page). You can also offer other valuable things than content (i.e. discount coupon, freebies, etc.) using the same method.

      Hope this answers your question,

      Thanks and best regards,


  2. Hello again Mike,

    Thanks for the quick answer, really helpful!

    Best regards, and keep up the good work.

    Shana B.

  3. blank Florence Richardson : January 19, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    Thanks for this post, Mike,

    I myself is currently starting an eCommerce site, and is struggling in generating leads. Thanks for the information you included here, I got some ideas to improve my business’s lead generation. Thanks!

    What do you think is the biggest challenge in generating leads for an eCommerce site?

    Thanks before, and best regards,

    Florence Richardson

    • Hi there Florence,

      Thanks for your time, and thanks for your kind words, Glad I was able to help.

      To answer your question, in my opinion, the biggest challenge in lead generation today is actually how we can bring people to our site (generating traffic), which is the essential step before we can capture their information and capture them into leads/prospects.

      It’s harder to generate organic traffic to SEO due to the stiff competition and how Google has changed their SERP to be more interactive with featured snippets, etc. (so people don’t have to visit sites). So, now we have to be creative in utilizing various channels from email, social media, influencer marketing, and advertising, among others, to drive people to our site/landing page.

      Hope it answers your question,

      Thanks and best regards,


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