Email Marketing Tips and How Not to Spam Your Audience

Email Marketing Tips and How Not to Spam Your Audience

Email marketing tips on how to avoid your campaigns turning out to be spam to your audience is what this short post is about. Get ready for few email marketing tips and tricks for help you deliver better and ROI-driven email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing has been pronounced dead for a long time now, but it is still driving website traffic, user engagement and direct sales. Maybe email got born again and the results we get from it are miracles of its salvation.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

I do not believe email marketing is dead. But, for those who SPAM their audience with repeated salesy cold emails, email marketing may be long dead and buried.

If your email marketing campaign adds value to audience in exchange for their attention, then it is not spamming. , If you regularly use engaging emails to ask for feedback, that is not spamming either.

Let’s say you use email marketing to solicit for clients’ input in product design or as for suggestions on how to personalize your offer to best suit users, you aint like that.

If these email marketing tips sound strange to you by now, you must have been spamming your audience. Maybe!

Benefits of these Email Marketing Tips

Email can be a very powerful marketing tool, ONLY IF you know how to make it conversational, heartfelt, personal and cost-effective. Read on for a couple of tips to help you achieve email marketing campaign of your dream.


The huge benefits of email marketing stand tall, tower high above prejudice of spamming attached to it in recent years.

Since people mostly buy from whom they can trust, you can build that trust over time with email. To achieve this feat, you should achieve approach email marketing as your go-to resource for starting, sustaining relationships which will along the line drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Email marketing is quite personal. Please take note.

Some people check their emails more often than they pray. Some wake up, visit the Internet first and their email is the next thing they check. Some folks unknowingly stay longer than normal because they are reading and replying emails.

This should tell you how closely email marketing takes you closer to your audience. Why then would you bother them with what they are not happy to read?

Instead of unjustly murdering our loyal online marketing errand-boy, let us look into what we are not doing right with it, correct those gray areas and move on to successful marketing with email.


Email Marketing Tips to Avoid Being Spammy

  • Share messages that intimate your audience with your brand message
  • Add value to readers to build loyalty
  • Use emails as though you are nurturing a fragile relationship
  • Aim at making readers promoters of your business by delighting them.
  • Don’t pitch for sales with every email
  • Let buyer personas determine message type based on stage of buyers’ journey
  • Separate email for creating awareness from driving conversion

4.3 billion Email accounts send 196 billion emails every day. 91% of consumers check their email daily. 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications. Email has a marketing ROI of 4,300%. -HubSpot,

I found these email marketing tips by HubSpot for sending the right message to the right persons at the right time. And thought of sharing with you:

HubSpot Email Marketing Tips

  • Send the right email at the right time: message must tally with reader’s current needs.
  • Segment your contacts database: email content should not be one-size-fits-all
  • Constantly update contact list: 25% of email database decays annually.
  • Be mobile-conscious with email content: 47% of all email is opened on mobile.

More Email Marketing Tips

These are ingredients for great email marketing campaign, cook them up in your next outreach:

  • Define a clear goal for your email: choose what in particular each email should achieve.
  • Focus on engagement: your message will be trashed if it asks for value instead of adding it.
  • Personalize where appropriate: let the reader feel you are human not some robot
  • Test and analyze: measure every email campaign, apply the result to subsequent campaigns.


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