How To Design A Successful Instagram Stories Campaign

How To Design A Successful Instagram Stories Campaign

Does it seem to you that your competitors have much easier time winning new customers than you?

As if they have sniffed a business opportunity where you thought none existed.

If you are not on Instagram Stories, perhaps this is exactly what has happened.

Launched in 2016, smart businesses have created a strong presence on this platform, leveraging its huge popularity among internet users to widen their audience and improve customer engagement.

Maybe your competitors are using this 400-million-daily-user feature as a promising marketing platform to grow their business and gain a sizeable lead over you.

That said, not all is lost for you. Join this platform today and kick start your campaign.

If you follow a carefully planned marketing strategy instead of flying by the seat of your pants, you might well be able to make up for the lost time fairly quickly.

Here are a few tips to give voice and personality to your brand and impress consumers through your business Stories.


Offer Something To Your Consumers

Did you know that more than 50% of businesses on Instagram use Stories to market their brand? It follows that competition here is stiff. To catch users’ attention, you might have to give them a good reason to follow your campaign, like including a special offer ad in your business Stories.


Show Video Ads

If you want to raise awareness of your brand, consider showing video ads in your Stories. Still, it’s important to create a good ad that will be 100% self-explanatory.


Create Stories to Encourage App Installs

Make interesting Stories to drive app installs among young people who are more likely to shop via their phones than older people.


Want to know more Instagram Stories hacks?

Check out the following infographic which shows how other businesses have used Stories to boost their brand image and sales.



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