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Top 5 BuzzSumo Alternatives For Better Content Marketing Insights

BuzzSumo is certainly one of—if not the—most popular content marketing and influencer marketing tool out there. It’s a very powerful tool to find out what and who are currently trending in the internet, allowing us to plan a strategy around the insight. However, BuzzSumo is certainly not a perfect-for-all tool, and it’s certainly not cheap. This is why many people are looking for BuzzSumo alternatives, either to get a cheaper option or to get different features where BuzzSumo is lacking. Here, we will discuss five of the best BuzzSumo alternatives available, but......

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Top 5 Best Hootsuite Alternatives in 2020

Social media marketing nowadays is getting more complicated than ever due to the saturation and diversity. Saturation, because the market is now so saturated with so many prominent experts and influencers, and so it’s harder to get our voice heard amidst all the noise. Diversity, because nowadays we can no longer focus on just one social media platform, as each major platform from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter among others has their own benefits. The solution? Personalization, automation, and scheduling management, and these are where a social media management tool like Hootsuite......

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