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Best SEMRush alternatives in 2020: Paid and Free Tools

In the world of SEO, and digital marketing in general, SEMRush is one of the most prominent tools available with a well-rounded set of features for all your SEO needs. It has a powerful keyword research and keyword suggestion tool, in-depth domain analytics with versatile (and real-time) reporting, and a very useful backlinks analytics feature, among others. However, SEMRush certainly isn’t perfect by any means. There are plenty of SEMRush alternatives with lower price tags (or even totally free), and there are tools that are better in certain aspects. Here, we will......

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Top 5 Best Hootsuite Alternatives in 2020

Social media marketing nowadays is getting more complicated than ever due to the saturation and diversity. Saturation, because the market is now so saturated with so many prominent experts and influencers, and so it’s harder to get our voice heard amidst all the noise. Diversity, because nowadays we can no longer focus on just one social media platform, as each major platform from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter among others has their own benefits. The solution? Personalization, automation, and scheduling management, and these are where a social media management tool like Hootsuite......

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