How App Developers Are Leveraging Digital Marketing Mix To Improve Mobile App Development

How App Developers Are Leveraging Digital Marketing Mix To Improve Mobile App Development

Every now and then, Android app developers are not relenting in their quest to learn and adopt new strategies necessary for promoting their mobile applications both offline and online. Interestingly, the Internet has got lots of helpful and exciting posts, studies, reports, stats, and practical guides on how small and medium-sized app dev enterprises can find relevant resources to up their ante and succeed with digital marketing. It is actually good to know but what matters more is the application of the adopted strategies.

Enhancing application development through marketing

There are several ways developers are leveraging their digital marketing to enhance mobile app development. Some of these methods include the use of social media advertising, display, contextual ads, and content marketing tactics. Many app builders are good at what they do – i.e. building fascination mobile applications through app development. However, it is sad to note that not everyone building apps today for the platform is actually happy as they are not properly being rewarded for the efforts they put in.

Despite all the hardwork put in place to develop high-quality, productive apps, many Android app developers derive little or no joy at the outcome of the final release of the app due to the lack of strategic marketing skills. Interestingly, there are various ways developers can effectively promote their mobile apps and still benefit from them. All they need to possess is the ability to adopt and integrate a comprehensive marketing approach with their digital app development efforts.


Adopt and implement a viable marketing strategy

The best way application developers can effectively leverage their digital marketing mix to the fullest capacity is by adopting more than a single source of promoting mobile apps. Ultimately, you stand to derive more diversified web traffic to your app or website when you adopt multiple tactics. Unlike getting from a single source, traffic obtained from multiple sources is always known to be more stable. With these, any Android developers can reliably lay the foundation necessary for launching more marketing strategies. QR codes are a versatile tool for promoting apps across multiple channels, making it quick and convenient for users to download the app without the need for manual searching or typing in a URL.

Here are some effective ways of implementing a viable marketing strategy necessary for improving mobile app development.


Set up an enticing website

Despite the introduction of mobility, the use of websites to promote data or information dissemination has gone been obsolete. When it comes to promoting mobile app development, there is the need for developers to set up websites with an internal link structure, modern design, clear navigation, and convenient user experience to effectively showcase their product.

Every page that is both important to the business and essential for users to navigate must be well-prioritized. Basically, this should be all about promoting your mobile applications and to this end, it is imperative that you use enticing features to improve your site’s interface. It is essential to ensure that the site is optimized for search engines so as to enable users to find your site and also learn more about your product.

Other essential features necessary for promoting a website include a single bright button, final call-to-action, bullet list of top features, prominent video or visuals and enticing images showcasing the layout of the application. It is also very important to ensure a constant and consistent testing of the site’s landing pages for better improvement as this can effectively contribute to the success of the mobile application that you are promoting.


Adopt mobile app analytics solutions

One of the best ways companies can improve on their performance is by measuring daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly progress against certain main performance indicators that have already been outlined in their documented marketing plan. Aside from recognizing their successful activities, they do this by drawing meaningful and relative conclusions from past mistakes by creating reports that will cater to their KPIs.

Not many mobile app development companies understand the importance of ensuring regular analysis and optimization of their apps. As a matter of fact, this will not only help to improve your mobile app development process but can also go a long way in boosting your app promotion. It is important for mobile development experts and agencies to understand how valuable, mobile app analytics solutions can be.

Every developer needs data coming from users of their mobile application. Just so you know, this data is highly crucial for improving analysis and information gathering. There is no better way to serve your customers if you don’t understand how they are faring with your app. In order to know more about your users, you need to have an ingenious source of information.

Marketers and developers alike can effectively obtain and utilize metrics regarding their apps’ cohort analysis, store data, lifecycle, cohort analysis and acquisition with these solutions. No doubt, mobile app development, and promotion can be greatly improved by means of various mobile app analytics solutions.


Stay competitive

The mobile app development world is highly competitive and the best way to survive in it is to remain at the competitive helm. This can be done by adopting helpful and meaningful marketing strategies that work best for the not only the organization but also for its users. In order to stay competitive and grow in a crowded environment like this, you should try as much as possible to optimize your app regularly in the Google Play Store.

One good way this can be done is by employing the right call-to-action, attractive text, density, and keywords strategy. Optimizing your app store page is just one of the most effective and efficient ways to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive environment as this. Here, it is essential that you include every relevant link for downloading your mobile application on the website your already own. Basically, when users find an enticing app on the store, they would like to more about it. Adding links to places where better pieces of information can be obtained will surely be very helpful.


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