Study: Ranks No. 59 Among All U.S. SEO Companies and Consultants for SERPs Dominance ranked No. 59 among all SEO agencies and consultants in the United States based on search engine results pages (SERPs) dominance. This ranking was the result of an independent study conducted by Radu Plugaru, CEO of, in February and published Thursday by

In his study, Plugaru analyzed 35 million search results for eight top-performing, SEO-related search terms. The final set of keywords included:

  • SEO consultant
  • SEO agency
  • SEO services
  • SEO company
  • SEO expert
  • PPC agency
  • Digital marketing agency
  • Google Ads agency

Plugaru told he then combined these eight search terms with all of the nearly 42,000 U.S. zip codes. This method generated more than 341,000 search phrases, which produced about 35 million search results that belonged to 25,000 domains across the U.S.

Using his rank tracker tool, Plugaru compiled a list of the top-performing U.S. websites. In an effort to deliver useful data that will aid the optimization strategies of digital marketing companies, Plugaru also compiled a list of the highest-performing 13,200 U.S. SEO agencies and consultants.

Overall, ranked No. 59 among all U.S. SEO agencies and consultants, with a 43,260 SERPs count.

“I was happy to discover that I was picked and featured by one of the reputable sites,” Khorev said. “I used my content marketing and SEO strategies I used for my clients and it definitely worked.”

As an SEO consultant, getting in the top rankings for these eight high-ranking, SEO-related keywords speaks volumes of the quality of SEO work. I’ve spent years helping SaaS, Software and Technology companies generate more revenue through marketing.

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