How To Grow Your Website Traffic with SEO

Here’s the catch: it’s only natural that it’s now harder than ever to get website traffic. More websites and blogs are being published every single day, people spend more time on social media and Youtube than going to websites, and Google with its featured snippets and infrastructure tend to hoard traffic to its own platforms. On the other hand, website traffic is very important. We can’t convert visitors and prospects unless we actually have a steady—or preferably, growing—website traffic to convert. Too often, we put too much emphasis on maximizing the conversion rate but knowing how we can get traffic and maximize it should be the first priority. SEO used to be the most prominent way to get and grow website traffic, but as mentioned, due to the changes in Google’s algorithms and especially the zero-click search phenomenon, our approach to SEO must also change. Here, we will discuss and learn about how we can grow website traffic through SEO in 2021. The Anatomy of Google SERP in 2021 Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) has significantly evolved since its launch in 1996. Back then—as with everything else on the internet—, Google SERP is very, very simple: it’s just paid search ad placements on top followed with organic search results below it. Ranking on the top spots of these organic search rankings back then (for the right keywords, obviously), would translate into guaranteed website traffic. Nowadays, however, it’s not that simple. Let’s take a look at the current search result for “when is black Friday” As you can see, it’s no longer that simple. There’s now: A “featured snippet” box to inform us about the date The knowledge panel on the side featuring a result from Wikipedia The “People Also Ask” box with 4 different questions Video results Only after … Continue reading How To Grow Your Website Traffic with SEO